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Thomas Zaleski was graduated from the University of Arizona in 1984 with a B.S. in Finance. Shortly after graduation, Thomas joined Hughes Aircraft Company as a member of the Business and Finance Operations.

He successfully earned the IRS Enrolled Agent designation in 1993. Thomas has worked for major Wall Street firms and since has formed an independent group, Thomas Capital Management, LLC.

Thomas lives in Sedona with his family where he enjoys coaching and refereeing soccer, jazz, golf, tennis, rock climbing, trap shooting, and Okinawan Karate.

Individual Customized Portfolios of Equities & Fixed Income

Retirement - Retirement Funding - Retirement Planning - College Savings:

  • At Thomas Capital Management, LLC we provide our clients with individual, customized portfolios of equities and fixed income securities. From retirement funding and planning to college savings, we handle 100% of our client's money. Shift away from risky high-tech portfolios to a properly diversified portfolio based upon Modern Portfolio Theory.

  • In the investment marketplace, the difference between a customer and a client is dramatic. Customers receive little, if any, "added value" services from the financial vendors, and are left to fend for themselves in an investment world full of pitfalls. No one truly qualified is available to help them understand their investment goals, evaluate their portfolio structure and risk attributes, track their investment performance, or help them avoid making critical mistakes. TCM’s clients have a significant relationship with their adviser that understands their dreams and objectives, their risk tolerance, and their overall financial situation.

  • The added value comes in the form of skills that are uncommon, resources that exceed those of the average investor, time dedicated to helping you, and knowledge based on experience that gives you access to proven investment techniques. Most Financial personnel are Stock Brokers or insurance salesmen and are commissioned based! Our objective is to provide you with quality service and sound advice. Planning begins when we meet to discuss your goals and resources, and continues throughout our relationship. Keep in mind that, most importantly, this is a process during which the steps may be taken more than once as your plans, goals, dreams, and circumstances change.

  • Thomas Capital Management, LLC was formed in 1999 encompassing the above philosophy and values. We are independent investment advisors with our only bias being the attainment of our clients stated objectives. Please contact us if you are interested in a comprehensive review with no obligation with the intent of determining if joining our distinctive family will meet your goals.

Trust in Thomas Capital Management, LLC for your customized portfolio needs today!