An Array of Financial Management Services for You

Appropriate strategies and innovative services that you could benefit from include:

  • §401(k)/§403(b) rollovers
  • Wealth Management Services
  • Complete Investment Portfolio Management
  • Management of Business and Stock Sales Proceeds
  • Estate Planning
  • Income Tax Reduction and Control
  • High Net Worth Fixed Income Management

Our Customized Portfolio Services:

  • Retirement
  • College Savings
  • IRA Plans
  • 401K Plans
  • 403b Plans
  • 401k/IRA Rollovers
  • Retirement Funding Issues
  • Active

Advanced Technology Applications and Tools:

  • Strategic Asset Allocation Planning
  • Retirement Planning Analysis
  • Historical Mutual Fund Databases and Profiles
  • On-line personal Computer Linkage
  • Portfolio Performance Analysis
  • College/Education Planning
  • Gain/Loss Analysis on Monthly Statements
  • Active Money Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Strategic Asset Allocation Planning
  • 1/2 to 1% Scaled Fee
  • Access Any Account
  • High Net Worth Fixed Income Management

Investing is a full time business, not a part time hobby. We have the time, the research capabilities, the hands on experience and sophisticated technical facilities that most investors do not have. When appropriate, we will work with your accounting and legal professionals to assist you.

Communications and Consultation:

  • High level of personalized attention and Service
  • Pertinent Market Research and Advice
  • Private Consultation Services
  • Conference Call Capabilities with Your Other Professionals
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Having a clearly defined investment plan is vital if true investment success is to be attained. Unclear or unrealistic expectations can derail even the most conservative of investments. Therefore, our initial objective is to help you develop your game plan including your purpose for investing, your income and liquidity needs, your investment time horizon, tax considerations and other issues critical to your individual situation. Thomas Capital Management, LLC (TCM) applies a disciplined approach to the process of information gathering, needs analysis, and investment objectives required to manage individual portfolios. TCM seeks to identify what the investor needs and wants, and then outlines a plan that can achieve those goals.

Is There a "Formula" for Success?

Yes. While I don't believe there are any secrets to success, there are a couple of simple formulas that can serve as good reminders of what's necessary to be successful. One of them is Effort x Effectiveness = Results. Simply put, you have to put out a high enough volume of work at a high enough degree of effectiveness in order to achieve your goals. If you feel like you are working hard, but not getting the results you want then you either are not being effective or the amount of time that has elapsed has not yet been enough for the desired results to occur. If you believe you are effective and not achieving results you probably just need to look at your calendar and you will likely discover you are not investing enough time in results-producing activities. Success comes from being busy doing results-producing activities. You tend to become more effective at those things you do frequently and consistently.

The second formula which I developed which will help you be more productive is Success = words on-purpose + time on-purpose. Successful people live and work "on-purpose." They are good with words and manage their time well. Being on-purpose with time means that you plan your work and you work your plan. The most productive time-planning is when you know your priorities, place them on your calendar as appointments with yourself and others, and honor your calendar.

Far less productive is working from a to-do list. And the least productive way to manage your time is to go work with a mostly blank calendar and attempt to stay focused on the most important tasks throughout the day. Given that life, business, and the financial services industry in particular are distraction-producing machines it is difficult to be successful without managing your time and high-payoff-activities on-purpose. I sum up words on-purpose as knowing what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. You could call it being articulate. The financial services profession is all about human interactions. You will be most productive when scripted. At the very least you must have talking points you can instantly and effectively articulate. The bottom line is that success is rarely, if ever, an accident. Successful people use their time and words on-purpose.